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Jewellery statement


A piece of Jewellery is a carrier of meaning made to be worn. The meaning of the piece inflects on the consciousness of the wearer. That correlation again towards the beholder. The intimacy of the Jewellery format is potentially powerful and traditionally related to the amulet/talisman/fetish. However the piece should be part of a larger body of work made to be presented through a curatorial practice. Tuning in to a concept from different angles is always good in the long run. Because of wearability and closeness to the body the choice of materials in a Jewellery piece should be considered practically, physiologically as well as on a metaphysical level. Precious metals should be seen as conductors, stones and minerals as beholders and plastics as insulators of energy. The body should be seen as a transducer for consciousness at which the jewellery piece correlate.

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